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How to install FaceApp PRO APK v11.5.2 Full Unlocked APK Download 2023 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded FaceApp PRO APK v11.5.2 Full Unlocked APK Download 2023 APK file.

2. Touch install.

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FaceApp Pro APK (Full Unlocked) For Pc, Android and iOS

This app is designed only to edit pictures with a human face and add different things to make them attractive. Faceapp PRO APK is the best of all when you want to look gorgeous and different from reality. It is not a completely free application unless you have downloaded faceapp pro apk 2023 free from our platform. Let’s have a look at some important features of face app  mod apk android.

Faceapp PRO APK

Key Features of FaceApp Pro APK

  • With Imagination effects, you can make your selfies eye-catching.
  • Change the color and style of your hairs.
  • Turn your young face into an old one.
  • Make your hair more volumized.
  • Try out some of the hottest and most popular makeup filters.
  • Use interesting lighting effects.
  • Pimples and imperfections must be removed.
  • Face features can be easily magnified or shrunk.
  • Wrinkles should be smooth.
  • Use the color lens to explore.


  • Your favorite filters are now available in video format.
  • To improve your portrait filmmaking, add effects to previous footage.


  • See how you’d appear if you were a different gender.
  • Allow AI to select the perfect hairdo and color for you.
  • Attempt our well-known Old & Younger filters.
  • Take inspiration from a variety of pictures to create your own style.

Features Detail of FaceApp Pro Apk

Whenever you click a picture of yours, you want to get something extra to make your face the best and attractive. It is human nature to think about how he can make his face perfect by using different techniques. No doubt, Faceapp Pro Apk download is specifically designed for changing face gestures, shape, color, and other factors. But it has many other features that will allow you to edit a picture to make it perfect. We have researched this application a lot and made a handpicked list of features that you must know.

1. Age Changing Filter:

It is a fantasy of a human being to get an idea of what type of look he will get in the older age. Some old persons also want to get a look back in their childhood to check how they looked at their time. It is possible that you do not have a childhood picture to get a look at that. In this case, you can neither look in the past nor in the future to get your face changed.

Faceapp Pro Apk no watermark has a specific filter that will do this task for you within seconds. You only need to add your or any other person’s current picture and select the filter that you want to implement. With your tap, it will start processing the picture and alter different sections to make it according to your requirements.

This application will first identify the gesture of your face, size, and other dimensions. Then, it will implement a filter and make changes according to requirements that will be suitable for the perfect look of the face.

Faceapp PRO APK

2. Character Filters:

Sometimes, you might want to look like a celebrity in the film industry. When you like a person of this kind, you might want to look like him. In such a case, you can use a specific filter of faceapp pro apk download that has a wide collection of character filters for completing this process. You only need to pick the image and choose a specific character for whom you want to look like.

This application will do this task for you with a single click and will change your face to make it similar to that. In this way, you can easily fulfill the requirements of your fantasy to look the best of all.

3. Hair color changer:

It is not common that you always look to change the face parts like nose, eyes, eyebrows, and cheeks. But you must use a specific color for your hair to make them perfect and relatable with your facial gestures. In this case, you can easily choose a hair color from the wide collection of colors.

Due to premium features unlocking, you will be able to customize the color intensity, sharpness, and temperature. In this way, you will be able to make the hair color reasonable and perfect to give you a better look.

Faceapp PRO APK

4. Beard:

According to an estimation, more than 30% of men have no beard on their face but they like to have this. No doubt, some people have a genetic problem due to which there will not be efficient growth of hairs on the face. Also, you might have a plan to get a beard but you are confused about what type of look you will get.

Faceapp PRO APK

In such a case, you can use a beard and mustache filter that will just change your face look by adding these parts. You can also adjust the size of the beard and mustache to check which size will suit your face and which one will look inappropriate. In addition to this, you can change the shades of the color with simple clicks on the added parts.

5. Easy to use:

Some picture editing tools fail because a person can’t understand their work or features. The main reason behind this is the complexity of the interface that can be understood by only experienced people. Faceapp pro apk cracked 2023 has a simple interface that will not restrict only experienced to use this tool. But you can use this tool without any trouble because of its simple interface.

This application has every single option labeled properly which will make it easier for you to edit your picture just according to your dream. You can also easily edit images with Capcut apk.

6. Fun to edit:

When you are editing a picture, you might want to add some parts to your face to make the process of editing full of fun. In such a case, you might want to add some stickers, filters, effects, and text. Faceapp Mod Apk will enable you to use all such features to make the face in any picture perfect and amazing.

You can also use different colors to add different lines and sketches to your face. In short, it will be best to use this application for editing the face from your pictures.

Faceapp PRO APK

7. No Watermark:

When you are using a free tool for image or video editing, you will get a watermark in the form of a logo or tool name on the entire screen or in the corner. It might not give your work a professional look that is not good for you when you are looking to work in the editing field. You can only remove the watermark of the tool by getting a subscription of the Faceapp Pro Apk latest version.

We have a surprise for you in the form of faceapp pro apk in which we have unlocked all such premium features. Now, you only need to do a face app pro mod apk download on your phone and start editing freely. There will be no watermark or restricted tools while you are working with faceapp pro apk 2023.

8. Unlimited Filters:

The number of filters that you can apply in Faceapp PRO apk obb is unlimited. With these filters, you can edit the appearance of any picture that you take. People tend to download the Faceapp apk for this reason. You can also add more premium filters for free to your images with the kinemaster mod apk.

9. Age Changer:

A lot of people use it for its most popular feature. Change your age by using this application. It is possible to adjust your age from younger to older and vice versa by updating your age. The application has this great feature. The application became popular between 2019 and 2023 because of this feature.

10. Unlimited Filters:

FaceApp pro apk cracked 2023 is only downloaded because of its filters. FaceApp pro apk latest version filters are amazing, and that is one of its most important features. You can beautify your pictures with new filters.

Additional information about FaceApp Pro Apk

Faceapp Pro Apk full unlocked has become the essential software for people who are looking to edit pictures by focusing on the face. Many photographers are using this tool when they have to edit pictures related to a specific event. They can easily use the filters available in this program to brighten up the face and change some gestures to give it a perfect look.

Faceapp PRO APK

A variety of filters

FaceApp mod apk without watermark is a simple to use application that can be used by all users currently. Some of its features include:

  • Include tattoos.
  • Make someone smile.
  • Beautiful lighting, many colors to choose from.
  • Set a new background.
  • Apply makeup.
  • Design your hairstyle.
  • Using FaceApp AI, you can find the right filter and mode automatically.

Create a Creative Idea With FaceApp Pro APK iOS

Your creativity can easily be expressed using this application. We have compiled a list of ideas for you.


  • The hairstyle and color can be easily changed.
  • Hollywood Style Filters make this selfie the perfect selfie.
  • Learn how to style your bearded face.
  • Your photo should show you smiling.
  • Make your photo look better by replacing the background.
  • You can choose from a variety of colorful filters.
  • Mack-up is also applicable in the evenings and during the day.
  • Filters for making full-size impressions.

Have Fun:

  • Transform yourself.
  • Your hairstyle will be determined by artificial intelligence.
  • Make yourself younger.
  • Enhance your photos with amazing Tattoos.

Download FaceApp Pro Apk Cracked 2023

Faceapp Pro apk cracked 2023 is one of those applications that do not demand a high-quality device to run it. You only need to make sure that your device is working properly and smoothly. Also, you must have some spare space in your phone to complete this installation with perfection.

If you think that your device can run this software smoothly, you only need to download this setup file from apkexclusive.com. It will not ask for any kind of manual interference but you have to wait after hitting the button. After that, you only have to start the installation process by permitting some installation from the settings of your phone.

After doing this, you can sit back on your chair and wait for the completion of this process. In turn, you will be able to get faceapp pro apk download with all Premium features unlocked.

You can also download Picsart Mod Apk for more editing of your pictures.

Faceapp pro apk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s?)

Is it safe to download the mod version?

No doubt, you might get some corrupted files or apk files filled with malware that might be harmful to your data. But if you are using apkexclsuive.com for this installation, you can fearlessly download it and work with this application because we have made every file clear.

Will it save my data in its database?

Faceapp pro apk has some policies that do not allow it to save your data in its database. In this way, you can fearlessly edit your pictures of any kind without getting issues related to your data privacy.

Final Wrap

Faceapp Pro apk will be the best software for you when you are looking to get something extra on your face. It will not always give you a shiny look but you will get moderate impacts just according to the background and other conditions of the remaining sections of the image.

What's new

New Year with a new icon! With love from the FaceApp team.

We have done a lot of internal but very important work to improve the quality of the application. Check it out!

We have done several performance improvements and fixed some issues. With love to our users!

In this update, we added confirmation alerts on closing some tools to prevent an accidental loosing of your done changes. Don't be afraid to click any button in the app, important data won't be lost unintentionally!


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