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Download Geometry Dash Breeze APK 2023 and enjoy something new in the arcade game’s world. You are going to love the game with its captivating features.

App nameGeometry Dash Breeze Apk
App size 48 MB
Android Version2.0
Date of updateMar 23,2023

About Geometry Dash Breeze Apk

Geometry Dash is a famous mobile game that has blown people over with its fun gameplay, bright graphics, and tricky levels.

 Since it was released, many people have enjoyed this game, and the Geometry Dash Breeze APK  is one of the most popular forms.

Game Overview

The original geometry dash game was thrilling, but Breeze Apk adds a new twist. The Breeze Apk, created by a fan community, adds customizations and levels to enhance gameplay.

Each level has tricky hurdles that need exact timing, quick reactions, and strategic thinking. Breeze Apk offers several new stages to conquer.

Features of geometry dash Breeze APK

The latest version is a game in which the board must be clever to overcome barriers. So your figure has to jump and fly well so they don’t run into things. If you miss the touch, the game will start all over again right away. So you can quickly finish your tasks in the time you have. You also play many minigames full of action that let you jump and fly over barriers to get past the challenging problems.

3D Graphics

This gaming world has outstanding 3D graphics. Vibrant designs and seamless effects provide an exceptional experience.

The game also has a simple controller, so you can explore and conquer technological problems using your skills. With a quick rhythm, narrow terrain will be easy to navigate.

Interesting  levels

The Geometry Dash Breeze Mod Apk contains four levels and a practise mode for each. Since  the game is a rhythmic one, the faster the music, the quicker the game pace.

Six unique levels with difficult obstacles are in this game.

  • Sky High Symphony: it has flying spikes, obstacles, and clouds. Passing these hanging spikes requires precision and speed.
  • Ancient Ruins: This level features collapsing architecture and intriguing hazards. This level has statues and hieroglyphics.
  • Cybernetic Chaos: It is a futuristic tech-themed level. Fast-paced obstacles, neon lights, and glitchy effects need quick reflexes at this level. 
  •  Underwater Abyss: you’ll face sea animals, shrubs, and other things. Passing across tiny areas requires caution.
  •  Cosmic Odyssey: Players will navigate asteroid fields, gravity, and interstellar landscapes.
  • Pixel Prowl: This level pays homage to old pixel art and pixelated themes. Your reaction time counts most because obstructions are like wall art.

Outstanding Customization

In this game, you can change how your character avatar looks. By changing its colours and appearances, you can give your character an all-your-own aura. Also, when you get a certain number of coins, you can make your character live longer and jump higher.

Which lets you live longer and jump over obstacles more easily.

Successes and Rewards

In this game, you can pick up coins, gems, and chests as you move through the different rounds. At the end of each level, you can get coins and boxes. Taking on daily and weekly tasks can help you get more rewards. Also, you can get weekly prizes if you play this game often.

Practise Mode

Because this game requires rapid response time and quick reflexes, you must develop your abilities through regular practice. In the practice mode, you may play freely, place checkpoints as necessary, and complete the levels.

User–friendly interface

The game has an incredibly user-friendly interface, which makes it great. It ensures that people of all skill levels can play the game well and move forward at their own pace.

In this mode, you can resume the level from your marked checkpoint if you encounter an obstacle at any point in the game. You cannot acquire coins, jewels, or chests in practice mode.

How to download and Install

Follow these steps to download the breeze geometry dash quickly and without problem.

  • Go to your device’s “Setting” page.
  • Now, “allow apps from unknown sources.” Click on our “Geometry Dash Breeze APK Download” button.
  • When the download is done, click the “Install” button on the screen.
  • Wait for the process to finish.
  •  When set up correctly, click “Done” and have fun.


Q:  Is the Geometry Dash Breeze app available for free?

Ans: Yes, it is free, and you can check out our download link to get it. The Play Store doesn’t have this game because a fan made it.

Q: Does this app require a data connection to work?

Ans: No, there’s no requirement for a fixed internet connection to play this. This app works offline and online.


 In conclusion, the Geometry Dash Breeze APK is an excellent addition to the Geometry Dash franchise. It offers a new take on addictive gameplay with its recent levels, stunning visuals, level editor, practice mode, and customisation options.

The breeze app will keep you engaged and provide a great challenge, whether you’re a seasoned player of the Geometry Dash series or a newbie to the genre. Geometry Dash Breeze Apk challenges you to dash, jump, and flip through a universe of beautiful geometry.

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