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We hold it in our hands every day, and several times at that – so you should clean your cell phone regularly. To have a clean device to play online andar bahar. How you can do this easily without damaging the phone. With regular use, the cell phone must also be cleaned regularly.

While everyone associates hygiene with washing hands and cleaning, one thing is often forgotten: germs quickly accumulate on smartphones because we take them everywhere and touch them frequently. In addition, grease from fingerprints and other residues cloud the display, so that you can no longer see the screen content well when it is very dirty – especially when the sun shines on the display.

A 2015 study examined bacteria on the smartphones of students. Smartphones that were cleaned regularly contained significantly fewer bacteria than those that were not cleaned, but on average only one bacterium per square centimeter of screen surface. Also, coronaviruses have been shown to survive on surfaces for up to nine days, but can be removed by solutions containing alcohol (at least 70 percent). So they can be transferred to our hands, which we often use to touch our faces afterwards. In general, the best remedy, as recommended in another study:

  • Wash your hands regularly to avoid infections. At the same time, you should clean your cell phone regularly as a general hygiene measure.
  • It’s better not to clean your phone with a microfiber cloth
  • A microfiber cloth is almost always recommended, as you can clean the cell phone display very easily with it. However, the problem is that tiny pieces of microplastic can be released from the cloth when it is washed and end up in the wastewater. Microplastics enter the ecosystem, are ingested by animals and sometimes even end up on your plate: Study: We eat more than 100 pieces of plastic with every meal.

That’s why other textiles, such as cloth towels, are more recommended for this purpose. In addition, you can’t use the microfiber cloth to get into cracks and connections, where dirt also accumulates over time. Always make sure that you do not use too much liquid. This could otherwise get inside the phone and damage the electronics.


Especially in a bag with other objects, the cell phone gets dirty quickly. You can protect it with a cell phone case.

There are some alternatives to the microfiber cloth, with which you can also clean cracks and connections:

Wipe your smartphone display regularly with a cotton cloth that you have moistened lightly with water beforehand. This is enough to remove coarse dirt and germs.

You can inactivate viruses with a disinfectant spray. Spray a little of it onto a cotton cloth. The product must contain at least 70 percent alcohol to be virucidal, i.e. to kill viruses. Note, however, that the alcohol can destroy the oil-repellent layer of your smartphone. So use it sparingly.

You can also protect your smartphone with a self-adhesive protective film for your cell phone display and disinfect it without bringing the alcohol solution into direct contact with the display.

Also clean or disinfect the cover of your phone and let it dry well.

First, turn off your phone to clean the ports such as the headphone jack or the USB port. Then blow out the coarsest dirt and go over it carefully with a soft, clean toothbrush.

As a general rule, do not share your phone with others and wash your hands regularly.

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