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It is becoming popular to edit videos using a mobile phone instead of a PC or laptop. The reason is the rapid growth in using mobile phones for every simple task. Are you looking for a video editor for use on your Android or iOS mobile device.
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Lumafusion Pro Apk for PC and Android (Premium+ No Watermark)

It is used by an extensive number of editors working professionally all over the world. If you are looking for Lumafusion PRO APK with all premium features unlocked, you must look at the following sections. We will discuss a comprehensive guide regarding features of the Lumafusion for android apk to make all your doubts clear about this fantastic tool.

Let’s start without wasting much time.

Key Features of Lumafusion APK for PC

  • 4K Video Editing
  • Ripple edits.
  • Positioning and Resizing.
  • Keyframing.
  • Speed up Video.
  • Framerate adjustment.

Features Detail of Lumafusion APK Cracked

Lumafusion apk for pc has many features to offer for editing your video efficiently. The main task is to understand the working of every feature before editing a video professionally or for some critical purpose. So, we are here with a precise list of features that you will find in this fantastic tool.

lumafusion pro apk

1. Multiple editing tracks:

While editing a video in lumafusion pro mod apk, you need to take a few precautions and keep an eye on almost every factor. It is because you can easily access a problem whenever you find something inaccurate for your video. To make this task easier, you will find multiple editing tracks on your screen while editing a video.

For instance, if you have inserted an audio clip or adjusted some filters, you will get a track under your video preview. In this way, you can easily adjust different factors to make the filter perfect. If you have used viva video mod apk in your life, you must also be aware of this feature.

lumafusion pro apk

2. Number of transition effects:

Many editors have reported that they are unable to find the latest and efficient transition effects in any other tool instead of Photoshop mod apk. The reason is that you will not be able to get amazing transition effects to make the video perfect in any free tool. With Lumafusion apk for android, you will be able to get a list of transition effects.

It means that you can easily create a transition effect between different clips of your video. Also, you can create a video with different pictures and add transition effects to get a perfect look. No one will be able to know that you have manually added the pictures if you have properly adjusted their position and used some transitions.

3. Can be integrated with other devices:

When you are working as a professional editor to a small level, you need to show your work to people for profit. Also, you need to check whether your video offers the best preview on the bigger screen or not. For this task, you need editing software that can be integrated with a laptop or PC. 

Lumafusion for android provides you this feature with which you can integrate your tool with your laptop or monitor. In turn, you can easily watch a video on the bigger screen after editing or get a preview on that screen while editing. In this way, you will make changes from your handy device, but these will be shown on the monitor for a better look.

4. Easy to insert any media file:

Due to the rapid increase in YouTube and other video streaming platforms, creating videos, joining different video clips and adding some unique music in the background has become common. Do you want to insert a media file on your desired video patch? Lumafusion apk 2023 will enable you to do so with simple clicks. 

You can add any media type like audio file, video clip, text, and others by using a simple insert button. In short, it has made the work simple and fast for every editor.

lumafusion apk

5. Hide & lock feature:

Sometimes, you may be editing a personal video or a video that has to be kept away from other people. In such a case, you need to lock your video before and after editing. Some people think editing of a video will not take more than a few minutes. But it is actually a process that might take hours or days just according to complications in your work. 

If you have something hard to do in the editing section, you need to keep your video secure even if you have no access to your device. The Lumafusion apk for android offers a lock and hides feature with which you can accomplish this task. In turn, no one will get access to your work and undo the changes you have made. It is an amazing feature if you have to edit a movie or a long telefilm using your mobile.

6. Latest features:

It is compulsory for every person to edit videos just according to the requirements of this modern age. If you are editing a video with traditional tools and filters, you might not engage more audience. Therefore, you need to pick a tool that will offer you the latest features while editing a video. 

The most important feature that you will find in luma fusion apk ios for free is adjusting the speed of the video. You might have seen a lot of videos having slow speed as well as fast speed in different sections. You might have seen this kind of video often while watching some vlogs. With Lumafusion apk for pc, you will be able to do this task and adjust the clip’s speed with simple clicks. If you want to add trending music in your video must visit this amazing Video editor Pro.

lumafusion pro apk

7. Titling:

  • Put shapes, layers, text, and images together to create a stunning title.
  • Changing fonts, colors, font sizes, and shadows are all possible.
  • New fonts can be imported easily.
  • Styles or presets can be saved for titles.
  • Use motions and transitions to animate the title.

8. Mute video:

The quantity of a video can be altered by using Video Mute Instruments.

9. Video effect of mirrors:

With the Video Mirror Impact Instrument you can mirror video at any time with selected intervals without reducing the sound & video quality.

Additional Information about Lumafusion APK 2023

Lumafusion android apk  has become the most used video editing application in the entire world. It has become popular because of its simple interface and a comprehensive set of tools. This software allows a person to make a video perfect by using different filters and effects just according to the nature of the content.

Lumafusion free download for pc Apk

Now, you can quickly move towards the process of downloading the Lumafusion free download on your phone. Before downloading this setup from the following section, you need to check the android version of your phone. It is better if your device has the latest version of the operating system for the smooth working of this video editing application. 

You do not need to worry if you have an older version operating system on your phone. You only need to check whether an update is available for the operating system or not. Once you have updated your device operating system, you have to hit the following link for downloading the Lumafusion pro apk for pc.

After downloading the setup file, just click on it to open it. You will get a box on your screen just after tapping on the downloaded file. You just have to browse the settings and permit the installation process. After a few minutes, the software will be installed on your phone with all unlocked premium features.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s?

Is it safe to download the mod version?

When you are downloading a mod version of Lumafusion apk 2023 from, you do not need to worry about any factor. It is because we have checked all files of our software setup and cleared them from any virus or malware.

Can I install this video editing software on every android mobile?

There are no such limitations in terms of the android version for installing lumafusion apk file. You can download it without facing any issue in this case. The only thing you have to do is update your device’s operating system if it is available before starting the installation.


If you want to learn video editing freely, you must download and install the Lumafusion pro apk. You should follow a specific process for installing it with all unlocked features. Also, you should keep in mind that you have to skip the step whenever the tool asks you to log in or register your account. It is because you will be switched back to free mode.

What's new

Add transitions and effects.

Bug Fixes and other improvements.


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