Pros And Cons of Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is a preferred choice by many for it provides a hair-free appearance. However, without being well aware of both the pros and the cons of the procedure, you should not go ahead and book your appointment.


Long Lasting Results

However, laser hair removal is not a permanent procedure but it leaves the hair growth reduced, sometimes up to several months or even years. This implies that women no longer have to spend hours shaving, waxing, and working hard to deal with unwanted hair.

Precision Targeting

A laser beam aimed at the pigment (melanin) in hair follicles will cause them to weaken and fall off without harming the surrounding skin. This makes it a popular choice amongst individuals with sensitive skin who are uncomfortable with shaving and waxing which cause their skin to react.

Reduced Ingrown Hair

Sometimes with shaving and waxing, ingrown hairs are a major concern. However, with the use of laser hair removal, this problem is very rare hence it becomes one of the lesser problems to worry about.

Faster Treatment Time

The length of the laser hair removal depends on the area being treated. It can be very quick (a few minutes to an hour) or a long session (several hours) if it covers a huge area.

Time Saving

From now on, no more of a daily or weekly shaving routine! The time previously spent on hair removal can now be put to other uses as laser hair removal can now be done.



Hair removal using laser is sometimes fairly high-priced, with multiple treatments usually being needed to achieve the optimal outcome.


Discomfort during treatment usually is not overwhelming, yet it may appear somewhat strong. They often provide topical anesthetic cream to help the patient numb the treatment spot.

Risk and Side Effects

Even though rare, the minor negative effects on the skin may include transient erythema, edema, and herpetication. There are extremely rare instances when scar formation or hyperpigmentation (increased shade of the skin) appears.

Multiple Sessions Required

Generally, an active person wishes to get maximum results from the training session but this is mostly achieved from spaced-out sessions, a couple of weeks apart. It can be very demanding since they need to take that amount of time and focus on their business.


Although not completely spoiled, hair growth experiences a significant setback. Speed peeling might require some periodic touch reshaping.


This technique is so promising to have access to totally smooth and hairless skin all the time. On the other side of the coin, it is also very challenging to believe that there are simple solutions; many things in life are complex. The benefits and drawbacks of laser treatment are necessary to be aware of so that you can define if the method would suit your objectives and present a moderate-cost option. Take care of your skin and pelvic health. Think about exploring the option of seeing a dermatologist or a licensed esthetician to ascertain if the procedure is a necessity for your situation.

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