Simplifying Pet Care: My Experience with Kipenzi Smart Cat Litter Box in India

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As much as we love our furry friends, we hate scooping our cat’s business daily. It’s messy, smelly, and overall a very unpleasant experience.

When I was given the opportunity to try the Smart Cat Litter Box by Kipenzi, I was all in for it. While it is expensive, it costs around INR 49,000. It solves a cat parent’s daily scooping problem.

Lucy and I set out to try the Self-Cleaning litter box by Kipenzi, and we were both impressed. I would go so far as to call this device life-changing for cat parents, and while Lucy’s only response was “meow,” I can tell she appreciates having clean litter daily.




Setting it up

The Kipenzi Automatic Smart Cat Litter Box arrives fully assembled; simply plug it in and follow the directions provided. You’ll need to download the free SmartLife or Tuya app and connect the unit to the app via Bluetooth (it’s also connected to your home’s Wi-Fi).

Overall, the setup was easy, and they packed the product really well. You get a Welcome to the Club card, which has a QR code; you can scan it to watch the setup video and a handwritten note from the company (Sweet!) It took a while to learn that the device is super sensitive and will “sense” a cat, even if you’re playing around with the box and figuring it out. It was a bit of fun figuring out the app and playing with the litter box’s buttons, but in the end, it only took a short while.

No more scooping

The Smart Life app keeps you in the loop about your cat’s box time, cleaning cycles in progress, and completed cycles. It also provides a comprehensive history and your cat’s average usage—all at your fingertips! I never paid much attention to how often my cat used the litter box during the day, and I feel a lot better now knowing every time she’s going and her normal range.

The app keeps you informed about both the clean litter level and the waste level, making it easy to stay on top of your cat’s needs. It took about a week and a half for the waste to reach 70%, which is when I emptied it. Swapping out the waste liner for a new bag was a breeze, and the Kipenzi Scoop Free Cat Litter Box even comes with a few extra litter bags (one 15-bag roll and a complimentary roll from the company) to make the process even more convenient. You’ll eventually have to purchase more on either Amazon or Kipenzi Website.

Even when the waste level was nearly at 100%, I never caught a whiff of my cat’s litter, which is quite refreshing, to say the least.

Is it worth it?

After using the Kipenzi Smart Cat Litter Box, I will never return to a regular litter box. The insight it gives me into Lucy’s overall health and the daily cleaning make it completely worth it. Give the setup some time, and be patient as your cat adapts to the new routine. Lucy’s positive experience reinforces the effectiveness of the new litter box, as she smoothly transitioned and now enjoys a spotless box every single time.

The Kipenzi Smart Cat Litter Box is no doubt expensive, but it’s definitely an investment. As the company tagline goes, “It’s a pawsome affair.”

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