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Gone are the days when businesses used radio ads, television commercials, and magazine advertisements to market their services or products. We are breathing in the era of social media. Today, businesses love to invest in social media marketing. The fact behind it is that billions of accounts or users have been registered on social media channels, including Instagram.

Just a few posts on your Instagram account help you reach millions of users within no time. At the same time, Instagram marketing is free of cost or comes under a reasonable investment. While continuing on this comprehensive guide, you will get to know the ways – how Instagram can take your business to the next level.

Necessary stats to know about Instagram

Before starting your business marketing with Instagram, we would like to show some stats related to Instagram. These stats will help you know whether investing in Instagram marketing, such as buying instagram likes, will be feasible for you or not. Let’s have a quick look at these stats:

  • Instagram has become the fourth-largest social media channel in 2023. It will help you generate a more relevant community quickly.
  • Statista reports that Instagram has around 2 billion active monthly users and 500 million stories are daily published or viewed on Instagram. You can show your services to millions of people at one time.
  • Oberlo’s studies revealed that around 200 million businesses are using Instagram for marketing. If such a large number of businesses are on Instagram, then why not yours?
  • The majority of the Instagram community consists of young users – nearly 45% of users are aged between 18 and 44.
  • Instagram encourages around 80% of users to decide on buying services or products from a particular brand.

How does Instagram help with your business growth?

With billions of active users on Instagram, it has become one of the trending and most popular marketing platforms on the internet. Compared to classical ways or channels of marketing or advertisements, Instagram is quite simple, easy to use, and more effective.

For example, it allows users to freely register their business on Instagram to share their content with their audiences. The editing tools help you create more compelling ads on your own without any investment. There is no limit or restrictions regarding content length, number of posts, and daily stories. However, you need to obey the rules and policies of Instagram to market your brands without any risk. Find out how Instagram is helping out brands to achieve high success:

1. Direct sale through Instagram

There are several ways Instagram can help businesses to make direct sales. For example, there is no need for conversion or redirection to your website. Businesses can directly post about their particular services or products. Users can directly buy the products from the official channels. To sell products directly through Instagram, you need to gain more followers who will have a keen interest in your services.

Besides this direct selling option, businesses can partner with affiliates who will post the links of your products or services. From this sponsored link, users can directly buy items on Instagram. In this way, businesses can get potential customers and by showing their sales analytics, businesses can show themselves as credible and trusted sources on Instagram.

2. It makes your business more relatable

Instagram helps businesses to show themselves as more than a faceless corporation. By arranging live events and stories on Instagram, businesses can showcase their personality.

It is advisable to post stories and events that will show the behind-the-scenes look of your company. Show users how products are manufactured or packed, and show them how your staff dedicatedly works to facilitate them. It will make you a more relatable and credible source in front of users. The more trust you will get from users, the more your business will flourish in the online market.

3. Influencer marketing for better outreach

Instagram helps with influencer marketing of your services or products. For example, you can reach the accounts of users having millions of active audiences. Contact them and ask them to endorse your products among their audiences.

Influencers are stars or celebrities with a huge fan following on Instagram. They can market your brand to their community for better outreach. Influencers are trusted names on Instagram. So, marketing your brands with influencers will also help you present yourself as a trusted or credible source on Instagram.

4. Competitive analysis

You must have a competitive approach if you want to start selling your services or products on Instagram. Remember that you will not be the only one who will be selling on Instagram. Plenty of sellers relevant to your services or niches will already be selling on Instagram.

Make a competitive analysis to know how your competitors are selling themselves and how do they maintain the audience to their channel. Check for their post structure, post timing, content, image styles, video styles, and all other things that make them stand out on the internet.

5. Bring more creativity

Instagram also encourages you to bring more creativity to your brand. For example, when you make a competitive analysis and get to know how your competitors are capturing the attention of users, you will also start working accordingly.

You will bring more versatility and creativity to your post to stand out among your competitors. The idea will bring creativity to your thinking ability as well. Creativity will offer your brand versatility and uniqueness, helping you get more customers.

6. Instagram advertisements

If you are new on Instagram and want to promote your business on Instagram within a limited budget. Instagram promotion or advertisement option is ideal for you. Beginners may sometimes not afford influencers. So, they are advised to go with Instagram ad campaigns.

Instagram allows you to run customized ad campaigns according to your budget and requirements. Those ads are only displayed to the people that are relevant to your said preferences. Instagram ad campaign is considered the most effective way to reach targeted audiences within less time and under a reasonable budget.

The bottom Line

As an emerging platform on the internet, Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool. Around 200 million businesses have established their online presence through Instagram and are getting more engagements, increasing their revenue. 

Whether you are running a small or comparatively large business, you must consider establishing your social media presence. This will help you in several ways. For example, it will help you stand out among competitors, portray you as a renowned and trusted brand, and above all, help you increase your revenue.

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