Top 10 Mod APK of Photo Editing Apps for Android Phones [2022]

Everyone in this era uses Best Photo Editing apps free. They help you get creative with your images and edit stunning videos that stand out on social media platforms. However, most photo editing apps require you to pay for premium features. That is why mods are excellent when looking for a photo editing app with all the features available for free. Here we have listed the top 10 Mod APK of photo editing apps for Android phones.

So without further adieu, let’s list these stunning apps.

Top10 Best Photo Editing Apps

List of Top 10 Mod APK of Photo Editing Apps

Meitu Mod APK:

If you are looking for a photo editing app that allows you to remove the background while retaining the quality, Meitu Mod APK is an excellent option. It is also an attractive option for beginners looking to employ their creative skills in photo editing. 

Photo editing can be tedious, but using the right editing app can edit great images. This photo editing app has over two hundred filter options that you can use to produce vivid images. Moreover, you can use countless effects to bring out the vibrancy in your photos and make them look flawless. 

Clip Studio Paint Mod APK:

The second photo editing app on this list is Clip Studio Paint Mod APK. This stunning app has the best features any free photo editing app can offer. It has professional editing features that help any beginner edit like a pro.

Moreover, the modded version is excellent for anyone looking for a free app with multiple features. You can also import or export files in various formats, including Photoshop. You can also use the app to customize and draw tricky angles. It is also the best app to remove unwanted objects from your photos. 

Chroma Lab Pro:

Chroma Lab comes with various tools ranging from different color adjustments to tons of filters. Use these options to edit great images that stand out. Use over fifty filters in this best photo editing app for pc and remove unwanted objects from your pictures. 

Furthermore, you can use the app to include different textural effects in your images. Use light and blurring effects that add life to your images and make them vibrant. 

Polar Photo Editor Pro:

Polar Photo is another excellent Mod APK photo editing app that beginners can use to edit images. Use features like auto-enhance and more filters that help you edit intricate details of every shot. You can also use features that add realistic effects like rain particles; make your images cloudy, and add snowflakes and light strokes in different parts of your image. Also, use superimposition to create more blurred modes. 

Top10 Best Photo Editing Apps

Snapseed Mod APK:

Snapseed Mod APK is another excellent photo editing app for your Android phone to edit realistic images and make professional edits. The app has over 29 tools and filters that include different editing tools. Use different modes such as HDR, blur, lighting, and shadowing. 

Also, use the different tools to adjust images with varying settings of contrast. This app is also great for editing your portrait images using three-dimensional models. 

Adobe Lightroom Unlocked Mod Version:

Adobe is known for its stunning app development. The Adobe Lightroom is yet another inclusion in its umbrella. It has several features that help you erase unwanted objects from your images and enhance them. 

You can even make several adjustments that help you improve your photos. Adjust the contrast, light, shadow, hue, HDR, and other effects. More like Adobe Lightroom, you can also use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Express to improve your image edit like a pro while being a beginner. Use the preset settings to make dramatic changes with a single touch. 

Top10 Best Photo Editing Apps

Glitch Photo Editor:

This free Mod APK photo editing app offers several amazing effects, such as glitch effects and VHS. You can use the app to unleash your artistic creativity and make use of the stunning features. 

Create aesthetic images and use the different filters to add vintage looks to your photos. You can use over a hundred templates to add a fuller look to your edited images. Use all the premium features for free in the app. 

Photo Studio Pro Free Version:

Photo Studio Pro is another photo editing app that is a fantastic option for Android users. It has endless editing options and several great tools for basic and advanced editing. The app is suitable for beginners and helps you edit professionally as well. 

There are several features included in the app that have special effects and tons of filters. Add greyscale effects to your photos and use color lighting and shadowing effects to bring out details and highlight different points in each picture.

PixaMotion Loop Pro Mod Unlocked:Top10 Best Photo Editing Apps

Look no further if you’re looking for an app that lets you edit pictures on the go. PixaMotion Loop Pro comes with all the premium features unlocked. Bring your images to your life using the different effects and exciting filters. 

Use the motion features and other effects to add a little flair to your photos. Get creative with the free photo editing app that is excellent for Android users. 

Top10 Best Photo Editing Apps

LightX Photo Editor Pro Mod APK:

This photo editing app is an all-in-one option for people looking for a free editing app as it helps you create beautiful collages with different frames. You can also remove the background objects and adjust every image to your liking. Use the other effects in the app to make several effects and edit like a professional. 


All of these Modded apps for photo editing apps are excellent for Android users. Choose from these Top 10 Mod APK of Photo Editing with modded versions and enjoy editing like a professional using the unlocked premium features.

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