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When you analyze certain data, you are exposed to some new angles to view and you get a chance to uncover the insights. Moreover, if you are writing or saying something, attaching statistics to it also adds credibility to your opinion. However, it can be a complex deal to find statistics that are relevant to the subject you are studying or working on. Additionally, it can be a time-taking process. So, here we are listing down some of the trustworthy sources from which you can get updated statistics on several topics. 

Michelle, a statistics student says, “Adding statistics to my work always has enhanced its value always. It made my work look credible all the time. I came to know about certain websites like Statista when I asked an expert to take my online course and he helped me with a number of trustworthy sites to access credible data. Since then, I have never looked back and continuously acing all my work with correct statistics.” Hence, like Michelle, you can also enhance your grades and homework value. Give this article a read. 


On Statistica, you can easily find statistics about anything. Be it the oil prices or the most played games, it has everything for you. Moreover, the extensive database of the website holds information about 170 industries and 150 countries. Its data partners update the data of the website. Moreover, you can also find forecasts, surveys, infographics, market outlooks, reports, etc. on this website. Also, you will find that many reputed studies trust Statistica. Furthermore, you have an option of sorting your results here depending upon the relevancy and preferred location. Here you can download data in multiple formats like XLS, PPT, etc. The free plan of the website offers limited data but you can subscribe to the paid plan if you want to get reliable statistics. 

Robert, a statistics student says, “When I asked an expert to take my stat class for me, he told me about the website and I was stunned to see the data present on the website.” 


The second website on the list is Gallup which is a data analytics company based in Washington. It collects all the information on its own without any data partner. Here, you can find podcasts and articles. Moreover, it runs surveys. You can find any information here, from politics to education. It will provide you with first-hand statistics. It has a paid subscription if you are interested in learning about insights. However, a significant amount of information is free here and anyone can access it. 

Pew Research 

It is a widely trusted website when it comes to data and information. It conducts research and surveys and publishes first-hand data only without the help of any data partner. The major focus of this website is on social issues, politics, trends, and demographics. Moreover, there are several resources and data with which you can find and analyze data here. Furthermore, it allows you to download information easily. Martha, a student, says, “I am aware of Pew Research since I asked an expert to take my online class. He introduced the website and its various features to me. It has a Survey Question Search feature with which I can easily find results of polls on multiple subjects since 1989.” Therefore, like Martha, you can also access such relevant information and read multiple fact-based articles here. 


It is one of the best open data platforms. Here, you can discover, manage, and visualize data. Moreover, statistics are collected here from thousands of trusted sources. These sources are majorly NGOs, government agencies, and UN departments. Furthermore, it covers subjects like demographics, politics, environment, economy, energy, transportation, crime, and education. In addition to this, this website is a great place to find the ranking of different countries based on several indicators like GDP per capita. It is a hub for raw data, articles, blogs, data visualizations, etc. Nicole, a student says, “The expert whom I asked to take my stat class for me introduced me to various trustworthy websites for statistical learning. Hence, I ended up on Knoema. It has a DataBulletin page. Here I can easily find complete datasets for analyzing my data further.” 

Moreover, the website has three plans. These are free plans, professional plans, and enterprise. However, the free plan of the website is sufficient as it let you access a gigantic database through some tools. 

Apart from the above-mentioned websites, there are platforms like, UN Statistical Division, and Google Public Data Explorer with which you can access the correct and relevant data from anywhere in the world. 


So, these are the websites with which you can easily get the right data and statistics on any topic. Moreover, it will help you in supporting your opinion based on the facts. Furthermore, hard data is the most useful one but it is complex enough for everyone to understand. Hence, with the help of these websites, you can easily understand any such data. 

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