Pinnacle Studio Apk 5.6.1 Free for Android (PRO Unlocked) 2023

How to install Pinnacle Studio Apk 5.6.1 Free for Android (PRO Unlocked) 2023 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Pinnacle Studio Apk 5.6.1 Free for Android (PRO Unlocked) 2023 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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Pinnacle Studio Apk for Android (Pro Unlocked) Free Download 2023

Pinnacle Studio Apk is the best video editing tool we have seen on the internet for Android and IOS devices. Yes, it does not require any specific operating system on your mobile. This application will keep working correctly on both devices. The designers have designed this application in such a fine manner that everyone can understand its working and become an expert in the video editing field.

Here are some sections that will enable you to understand Pinnacle Studio Apk free for Android in a short time.

Key Features of Pinnacle Studio APK

  • Professional Video Editor
  • Video Masking
  • Alpha Channel Exporting
  • 4K, HD
  • Unique Filters and Effects
  • Animation and Motions
  • Keyframe Groups
  • MultiCam Editing
  • Screen Recording

Features Detail of Pinnacle Studio Pro Apk

1. User-friendly interface:

Some editing tools do not get popularity because these have complex features or interface that is impossible to understand by many people. For instance, if you are a beginner, you can’t use Adobe Photoshop mod apk at the beginning of your learning. It will not be an easy task to understand the complex features of that software.

Pinnacle studio app Free has covered this issue and providing a user-friendly interface. You will find every feature or tool available at a distance of a single click. Also, you can explore its hidden features easily, even without getting guidance from any person. All in all, it has such a simple interface that everyone can understand and work.

2. Multi-layer editing:

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to watch every factor or step while editing a video? Yes, it will take much time to accomplish this job as well as undo some changes if you found them inappropriate. Pinnacle studio mod apk offers a multi-layer editing feature that is considered the best for quick editing.

Every factor that you will adjust in your video will be displayed under the preview section in the form of a bar. So, you can move the cursor left or right to change that effect in your video. It is an amazing feature to change any factor even you have done it at the start of the editing process. Also, you do not need to check for different options for implementing or changing anything.

3. Capture a video directly:

In addition to the screen recorder, you will find a camera option in this editing tool. It will enable you to use your mobile’s original camera but with some extended filters or tools to capture the video precisely. With this feature, the pinnacle studio free download full version works in dual dimensions to cover all sections of the videography field.

4. Integrate with different storage platforms:

In some sections, this Pinnacle 19 ultimate download will allow you to get rid of downloading any video clip. When you are using this editing software, you can integrate your Dropbox, Google Drive, or other storage folders/tools. With this, you can use any video or music file directly from those platforms without downloading them.

In turn, it will not take much time as well as save a lot of storage from your mobile’s internal storage capacity.

5. Access internal media:

The most important task is the collection of media and utilizes different clips in a video. No matter, either you are editing a pre-recorded video or a video from screen recording, you need to indulge some short clips, images, and text in making the video perfect. What if someone asks you to download the video from different forums and then include them? It is an irritating process that will take a considerable time too, Right?

Pinnacle Studio Apk video editing software free download full version will resolve this issue for you by giving you access to your mobile’s internal media. With this, you can easily open your mobile gallery or any other place where you have stored that video. After selecting a video, you can easily use it at your desired patch of the final video.

6. Multiple templates:

Sometimes, you need to work on some specific templates while editing a video for some agency projects. You will find an extensive list of templates that you can choose according to the nature of the video or its content. It will not take time for you to adjust the frame size, different media elements, filters, and effects while using a template.

You can simply insert your video in a template, and it will change the entire look by implementing different effects.

7. Professional tool kit:

The excellent property of this video editing software is the comprehensive set of tools for professionals. It means that you can learn from this tool because of its simple and user-friendly interface and work as a professional in the field. It has all those tools and features that you have to utilize in a video.

Many people think they can only edit a video for social media or YouTube with Pinnacle studio mod apk video editor. This claim is not right because you will find this program helpful for editing a video for any purpose. You can make a video using different pictures of your presentation for marketing purposes. In short, it is the best video editing software available on the internet for android and iOS users.

8. Your Media Is Always at Your Fingertips:

  • Play files from any media device, including video, audio, and photos.
  • With an optional Camera Connection Kit (sold separately), you can access media from external devices.
  • The ability to access media sources including Box, Dropbox, Vimeo, OneDrive, and Google Drive.
  • The app allows you to capture videos and photos.
  • Access compatible files in other apps by using the “Open-In” functionality.
  • iCloud Photos can be downloaded directly from the app library.

9. Edit:

  • Your project can be navigated easily with intuitive gestures.
  • Storyboards can be quickly arranged by dragging clips around.
  • In the Timeline and Precision Trimmer, you can edit and trim individual frames precisely.
  • Clips can be easily swapped out.

10. Record and create soundtracks:

  • Sound effects are included or you can add your own.
  • The following tracks are available for purchase on Triple Scoop Music.
  • Audio clips can be cut to any length, levels can be changed, and fade in and out can be done.
  • With the professional Audio Mixer, you can view and manage audio levels in real-time.

11. Transitions:

The Pinnacle Studio mod apk is now updated with some new features. You can adjust presets like typography presets and add titles or texts to your videos or stories. Make your cinematic shots more amazing with extraordinary transitions.

The latest version has new features

  • In pinnacle studio 23 (3D videos) can be edited and viewed in full screen.
  • Compression and exporting of files are optimized.
  • By using Box, users have access to 50 GB of online storage for storing and sharing files.

Additional details about Pinnacle Studio Pro for Android

Pinnacle studio Free is not a tool that allows you to take some particular steps while editing a video. You will find this tool fantastic for any kind of editing project. It will enable you to get the final video just according to your dreams. You will not find any restrictions regarding features and tools while using our Pinnacle studio 23 download apk.

Pinnacle studio Apkexclusive

How to download Pinnacle Studio Mod APK?

If we say that you can download Pinnacle studio 15 free download blindly, it might be right. You do not need to get a mobile device having some specific Android version or operating system. The only thing that you have to focus on is the smooth working of your device. If you have such a device, you can easily download Pinnacle Studio Pro Apk on your phone using the following link.

Once you have downloaded this file, you need to follow some steps. If you have not followed this method, you will not get reliable and perfect outcomes from your application. It might miss some features or tools that you find essential for video editing. First of all, open the setup file of Pinnacle studio free by checking your mobile file manager.

Pinnacle studio Free Apkexclusive

If it is asking for some permission, just do that for the installation of this software. You only have to permit the installation from any other source instead of Google play. After this, you do not have to do anything but the system will do the rest on its own. It will take few minutes to accomplish this task, but you do not need to worry about this. The reason is this editing software has to set all its features and tools that will take a lot of time. When you have installed this program, just enjoy editing a video with complete control over every factor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)?

Is it safe to download the mod version?

It is common to feel unsafe while downloading a mod version or an apk file. The reason is that you will find a lot of apk files that might have some malicious files. You do not need to worry about such actions or any other legal violation while downloading an apk from We have checked all our apk files and legally unlocked premium features.

Can I use this tool on a laptop?

Officially, this video editing software is not available for desktops or laptops. But you can use this android application on such devices by getting an emulator and installing it.


You might have got enough information about the Pinnacle studio apk after reading this guide. Now, you must download Pinnacle studio mod apk free and use it for any kind of video editing process. It will not take much time to learn its working and become proficient in this field.

What's new

Bug Fixes and other Improvements.


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